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Social Giveaway Campaign Announcement 2!

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In celebration of our official partnership with the Mumbai Indians, we are hosting a "Jersey Giveaway" campaign on Instagram!
Campaign details below.

Please note that:

*Winners will not be announced publicly, but contacted privately via Instagram DM.

Campaign #2: Mumbai Indians jersey giveaway (3 jerseys)
Prize: Three winners will be chosen to receive a Mumbai Indians jersey.
Entry Period: 25th Apr 0:00 to 13th May 23:59 IST
Contact to Winner: 14th May (via Instagram DM)

Personal Information Registration Deadline: 19th May 23:59

Prize Shipping: To be notified (after 1st June)

How to Enter: Follow the official Pokémon Instagram account (@_pokemonofficialindia), and comment with the following entry hashtag.
Entry Hashtag: #PikachuAndMIJersey.

Below are the Application Terms. These terms and conditions apply to those who participate in the above campaign.

Application Terms for Campaign Before applying for the campaign conducted by The Pokémon Company (the "Company") (the "Campaign"), you (the "Applicant") shall read these terms (the "Terms") carefully and apply after agreeing to these Terms. Therefore, if an Applicant applies for the Campaign, it is deemed that the Applicant has agreed to these Terms.

1. Application Requirements

The Applicant shall meet all the following conditions during the Campaign:
1. Not being an employee of the Company, or a person involved in the Campaign.
2. Living in India and being able to receive the prize.
3. Having the Applicant’s Instagram account set to public (the "Applicant Account").
4. With the Applicant Account, following the official Pokémon Instagram account (@_pokemonofficialindia) (the "Pokémon Account") and leaving a comment on the Pokémon Account post regarding the Campaign (the "Comment").

2. Notification of Winning

Three Applicants will be chosen for the prize from all the Applicants who meet the Terms of the Campaign.The winners will be notified via a direct message on Instagram from the Company (the "DM").

3. Note

(1) Campaign
The Campaign, its contents and prize may be terminated or changed at the Company’s sole discretion.
(2) Terms
These Terms may be changed at the Company’s sole discretion. If these Terms are changed, the revised Terms will be applicable immediately.
(3) Application and Winning
1. The Company may cancel and invalidate the application or winning at its sole discretion if any of the following applies to the Applicant or Winner (collectively, "They" or "Them"):
(i) Stopping following the Pokémon Account.
(ii) Deleting the Comment.
(iii) Changing the name of the Applicant Account.
(iv) Applying with multiple Instagram accounts.
(v) Being considered by the Company as that (v-i) the Applicant Account was created solely for the purpose of applying for the Campaign, such as applying immediately after creating an Applicant Account, (v-ii) the prize cannot be shipped due to errors in the shipping address or other reasons, (v-iii) they violate these Terms, or (v-ix) there is any other fraudulent behavior.
2. The Applicant’s comment shall not contain any of the following:
(i) Identifying or disclosing personal information.
(ii) Damaging the honor or credit of the Company or a third party, or defaming them.
(iii) Infringing the copyright, portrait rights, or any rights of the Company or a third party.
(iv) Violating laws, public order and morals, any terms and conditions of Instagram, or any other behavior considered inappropriate by Instagram.
(v) Impersonating another user or a third party.
(vi) Affiliate marketing, advertising, or promotional purposes.
(vii) Being considered as inappropriate on reasonable grounds by the Company.
3. The Applicant shall be liable or responsible for all communication costs.
4. The Company shall not be liable or responsible for any connection problems to the internet, etc.
5. The Company shall not respond to inquiries regarding confirmation of application, method of selection, or campaign results.
(4) Prize
The prize may not be chosen or exchanged.
(5) Other
1. The Campaign is not sponsored or associated with Instagram. Instagram shall not be liable or responsible for any trouble and damage caused by or arising from the Campaign.
2. The Company shall not be liable or responsible for any trouble and damage caused by or arising from the Campaign.
3. The Company shall not be liable or responsible for any trouble and damage related to comments for the Campaign on the Applicant Account. The Applicant shall be liable and responsible for such trouble and damage, and resolve such trouble and damage at their own expense and responsibility.
4. The Company shall not warrant the accuracy, certainty, usefulness, timeliness, functionality, completeness, or suitability for a particular purpose of the Campaign content and information.
5. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
6. The Tokyo District Court shall be the court of first instance having exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from or in connection with these Terms and the Campaign.
(6) Personal Information
1. Personal information provided by Winner (the "Personal Information") will be used for shipping the prizes.
2. The Personal Information may be provided to the Company's outsourcing company involved in work related to the Campaign (the “Outsourcing Company”).
3. The Personal Information will be treated in accordance with the Company’s privacy policy. By providing the Company or the Outsourcing Company with the Personal Information, the Applicant agrees that the Company may collect, use and disclose the Applicant’s Personal Information in accordance with the Company’s privacy policy.
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