Privacy Policy

  1. The Pokémon Company and its affiliates listed below* (collectively, hereinafter “Pokémon Group”), recognize the importance of Personal Information (as defined in the “Definition of Personal Information”) and are committed to protecting Personal Information. This Privacy Policy sets forth the rules that Pokémon Group companies should comply with for the appropriate management and protection of your Personal Information and provides you with information about the Pokémon Group’s handling of Personal Information.

  2. * Pokémon Center Co. Ltd., Pokemon Singapore, Pte. Ltd., 宝可梦(上海)玩具有限公司 (Pokemon Shanghai) Pokémon Korea, Inc. and Pokémon Taiwan Co., Ltd.

  3. This Privacy Policy constitutes an agreement between you and Pokémon Group. In order to use the Pokémon Group’s products and services, you need to fully understand and agree to this Privacy Policy. By using any of the Pokémon Group’s products or services, you will be deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

  4. If you are under age in the country or region that you reside in, you must confirm that your guardian or legal representative has read this Privacy Policy and agreed to your use of Pokémon Group’s products and services under the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. In cases where direct consent of your guardian or legal representative is required, you must obtain such consent on your own responsibility.

  5. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, or if your guardian or legal representative does not agree to this Privacy Policy, you cannot use Pokémon Group’s products or services.

Scope of this Privacy Policy
  1. This Privacy Policy applies to the handling of Personal Information by the Pokémon Group companies. In the event where each Pokémon Group company has a privacy policy that applies only to specific countries or regions, or specific products or services (hereinafter “Specific Privacy Policy”), and there is any discrepancy between this Privacy Policy and the Specific Privacy Policy, the Specific Privacy Policy shall prevail.

  2. If this Privacy Policy contains any provision for customers residing in a specific countries or regions, such provision shall apply.

Definition of Personal Information
  1. The definition of “Personal Information” covered by this Privacy Policy shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan (Act No. 57 of 2003, hereinafter “Act” including any amendments or revisions thereafter) and other privacy-related laws and regulations in applicable countries and regions (hereinafter “Laws”).

  2. The “Personal Information” is defined in the Act as information relating to a living individual (i) containing a name, date of birth, or other descriptions, etc. whereby a specific individual can be identified (including those directly lead to identification of a specific individual and those which can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual) or (ii) defined as an “individual identification code” such as fingerprint, voiceprint, etc.

  3. In cases where this Privacy Policy applies to the Personal Information of the customers residing in Japan, the “Personal Information” shall include “personal data” and “retained personal data” as defined in the Act.

Policy on protecting Personal Information
  1. 1.Pokémon Group will comply with the Laws.

  2. 2.Pokémon Group will handle the Personal Information only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use specified in this Privacy Policy.

  3. 3.Pokémon Group will keep the Personal Information accurate and updated and appropriately discard such information without delay after achieving the purposes of use. Further, when it is required by Laws, Pokémon Group will set a retention period for Personal Information and discard without delay the Personal Information whose retention period has expired.

  4. 4.Pokémon Group will strive to take any necessary and appropriate action for the security control of Personal Information including preventing any unauthorized access, leakage, falsification, loss and damage, etc.

  5. 5.Pokémon Group will strive to continuously review and improve its measures for protecting Personal Information.

Collection of Personal Information
  1. 1.Pokémon Group may collect from you various Personal Information including the following items, in oral or written form or by way of photographing, recording, electromagnetic recording media, emails, input on the Internet or any other means.

    Name, address, gender, age, date of birth, telephone number, fax number, email address, name of school, occupation, place of work, driver’s license number, passport number, information on the Pokémon Group’s products/services used by the customer (including user name for games, communication-related information (such as IP address), social media account, history of game play, playing method, etc.), photo/movie taken or recorded, voice, type of the Pokémon Group’s products/services ordered or purchased and purchase information such as credit card information and date of purchase, a copy of certificate of residence and the information that allows identification of a certain individual thereby.

  2. 2.Pokémon Group will not collect any Personal Information which is particularly sensitive, such as a customer’s race, religion, social status or medical history without the prior consent of the customer; provided that this may not be the case if otherwise required by Laws.

Purposes of use of Personal Information
  1. Pokémon Group will use the collected Personal Information only to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes and the purposes expressly specified in advance.

  1. Purposes of use

  2. 1.To handle order reception, settlement processing, shipment, after-the-sale service, repairs, etc. of products and services

  3. 2.To contact the customers who applied for present campaigns or entered contests

  4. 3.To respond to inquiries or requests from the customers and confirm the customers’ identifications

  5. 4.To manage members of the websites, the online stores and email newsletters, etc. operated by Pokémon Group

  6. 5.To operate, record and announce events concerning Pokémon Group’s products and services (including Pokémon trading card game tournaments)

  7. 6.For announcement, advertisement and promotional activities concerning Pokémon Group’s products and services (including distribution of email newsletters and announcements)

  8. 7.For the design, research, development or improvement of products/services as well as market research and analysis.

  9. 8.To engage in any businesses ancillary or related to the above items.

Joint use of Personal Information
  1. Pokémon Group companies may jointly use customers’ Personal Information pursuant to Laws.

  1. 1.Items of Personal Information to be used jointly
    The items stated in the “Collection of Personal Information” section above.

  2. 2.Purposes of the joint use
    The purposes stated in the “Purposes of Use of Personal Information” section above.

  3. 3.Scope of joint users of the Personal Information
    Pokémon Group

  4. 4.Person responsible for the management of the Personal Information
    The Pokémon Company

Provision of Personal Information to third parties
  1. Pokémon Group will not disclose or provide Personal Information to any third party except for the following cases:

  1. 1.Disclosure is made with the customer’s consent.

  2. 2.Disclosure or submission is made to the extent required by Laws.

  3. 3.Disclosure is made in a manner that does not allow identification of individual customer, such as by statistical data.

  4. 4.Disclosure or provision is made to a contractor (including contractors outside Japan) to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use. In this case, Pokémon Group will perform all necessary and appropriate supervision over the contractor by taking measures such as entering into an agreement with the contractor on the handling of Personal Information.

  5. 5.Such disclosure or provision is required for the protection of life, health or property of a customer or a third party and it is difficult to obtain prior consent.

Overseas transfer
  1. Pokémon Group may transfer your Personal Information outside of the country or region where you reside to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use specified in this Privacy Policy. In this case, Pokémon Group will take necessary and appropriate measures pursuant to Laws, such as entering into a service agreement on the handling of Personal Information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
  1. Pokémon Group may revise this Privacy Policy at any time in order to respond to the requirements of newly applicable Laws or for other reasons. The revised Privacy Policy will be published on this webpage and shall take effect upon such publication. If you continue to use Pokémon Group’s products or services after the revision, you will be deemed to have agreed to such revised Privacy Policy.

Procedures and inquiries relating to Personal Information
  1. You are entitled to certain rights under Laws concerning notification of purposes of use, disclosure, correction, additions, deletion, suspension of use, removal or request for suspension of provision to third parties, etc. of the Personal Information obtained by Pokémon Group. When exercising your rights, you may be asked to go through identification procedures.
    Please contact our data processing officer using the form below for further information about these procedures and any other inquiries.


  1. Cookie is used in some parts of the websites operated by Pokémon Group for the purpose of better use of the websites. Cookie refers to small pieces of data sent to your web browser at the time accessing the website. Such data enables us to find out users’ access history to our website. No information that can identify a certain customer is contained in the information obtained by Cookie unless a customer enters such information that can identify the customer, such as by membership registration or otherwise. Please note that in the case of disabling Cookie, restrictions for use of the websites are likely to occur.

Notice to India Residents:
  1. In addition to the above, with regard to the sensitive personal data or information (SPDI) as defined in the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules 2011 issued under the Information Technology Act 2000 (e.g. credit card, debit card or other payment instrument details), the following notices are provided to India Residents.

  2. Pokémon Group will share your SPDI to the extent permitted by Laws with the following third parties including those set forth above in “Joint Use of Personal Information” and “Provision of Personal Information to third parties”.

  3. Pokémon Group will take reasonable security practices and procedures as required by Laws including those set forth above in “Policy on protecting Personal Information”.

  4. Please contact the Data Processing Officer listed in “Procedures and inquiries relating to Personal Information” as set forth above for the following items.

  1. If you wish to review and/or amend your SPDI

  2. If you wish to withdraw the consent provided by you for collection of your SPDI

  3. If you have any questions or grievances about this Privacy Policy and/or your SPDI.

Use of Google Analytics
  1. 1.The Websites use Google Analytics, a service provided by Google LLC (hereinafter "Google"), to understand how customers use the Websites. Google Analytics uses cookies and other technologies to collect information about you that does not contain personally identifiable information. Please refer to Google's website for the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    Google Analytics Terms of Service:
    Google Privacy Policy:

  2. 2.The Websites have enabled the advertising features of Google Analytics as described below. Pokémon Group and third party vendors, including Google, may combine first party cookies (or other first party IDs) issued by us with third party cookies (or other third party IDs), such as Google advertising cookies, for understanding the attributes of visitors to the Websites and for effective ad delivery.

    • ・Remarketing with Google Analytics
    • ・Google Display Network Impression Reporting
      • ・Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting
      • ・Integrated services that require Google Analytics to collect data for advertising purposes, including the collection of data via advertising cookies and identifiers
  3. 3.If you do not want your information to be used by Google Analytics, you may opt-out of Google's collection of information by setting your opt-out preference through the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on provided by Google.

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