Pokémon Heroes

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Every year the city of Alto Mare holds a special Water Pokémon race through its canal streets—and this time around, Ash and Misty are top competitors! Even though he doesn't win, Ash still finds his own special place in the heart of a mysterious girl that he rescues from two roguish women. But this isn't any ordinary girl—it's actually the Legendary Latias in disguise!

Ash gets a special peek into the secret world of Latios and Latias, but this world is soon threatened by the two women from before—Annie and Oakley—who are after the two Legendary Pokémon, as well as a mysterious jewel called the Soul Dew. These elements combined will let them control a powerful machine that normally protects against danger. When the machine malfunctions, though, it not only puts Latios and Latias at serious risk, but the entire city of Alto Mare!



A legendary Pokémon which is said to be the protector of Alto Mare. Younger sister of Latios and likes Ash a lot; asked Ash for help when Latios was captured.


Elder brother of Latias and lives with his younger sister in a secret garden. He stood up to life when attacked by tsunami of soul dew and DMA, the Defense Mechanism of Alto Mare.


Originally a fossil on the floor of the cathedral but was resurrected with the power of soul dew. It attacks Ash and friends who are rescuing Latios.


Similar to Aerodactyl, a Pokémon resurrected by the power of soul dew.


A boy aiming to be a Pokémon Master who embarks on his journey together with his partner, Pikachu.

Partner Pokémon
  • Pikachu
  • Totodile

As the youngest among the 4 girls in her family, Misty has an unyielding personality and does things at her own pace. She embarks on her journey to become an excellent water type Pokémon Trainer.

Partner Pokémon
  • Corsola
  • Politoed
  • Togepi

The ex-gym leader of Pewter Gym and is born in Kanto region. He is very knowledgeable about Pokémon and is a good cook.

Partner Pokémon
  • Crobat
Team Rocket

An evil organization led by Giovanni to conquer the world. Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket seeks to capture Ash’s Pikachu.

Partner Pokémon
  • Wobbuffet

Lorenzo’s granddaughter who protects the secret garden with Lorenzo and loves to draw.


A gondola craftsman of Alto Mare whose ancestors have been the protectors of the secret garden. Informs Ash and friends about the secret of soul dew.


The elder sister of the pirate siblings who stole the soul dew with Oakley which Lorenzo has been protecting. She runs through Alto Mare using high-tech machines.


Younger sister of the pirate siblings who came to learn the secret power behind the stolen soul dew and used it to restart their old machine.


Met Ash and friends at the water race for Pokémon and showed them around Alto Mare while riding on the gondola.

Partner Pokémon
  • Wailmer

Camp Pikachu

Riding home atop a train, the Pichu Brothers suddenly find themselves knocked off and flying through the air! They hit a Wynaut on their way down, bringing all three of them to the forest where Pikachu, Totodile, and some more friends are playing in a waterfall and building a campfire. When it starts to rain, the group takes shelter in a water mill—but the water mill starts moving! The next morning, the whole group decides to work together to make sure the Pichu Brothers make their train. Will the two be able to make it home safe? Packed full of exciting encounters with a wide array of Pokémon in the forest, this musical fantasy is a real delight—and it even features the debuts of fun Pokémon like Wynaut (the Bright Pokémon), Duskull (the Requiem Pokémon), and Volbeat (the Firefly Pokémon)!

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